August 6, 2018

Getting To The Goal in 5 Steps

You want to get into better shape, to drop the fat and to increase your tone and strength. 

Join the club…most people are actively working toward an elusive fitness goal. 

So what separates those who end up achieving their goals from the...

July 31, 2018

Massage is important for many powerful reasons, including detoxification and stress relief. But, when people ask me why to get massage or why it’s important the answer that resonates with most is that it helps you get into good shape faster with less stiffness and sore...

May 26, 2018

4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks

Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? Finding more and more reasons to cheat on your healthy diet? 

You’re not alone and today I’ve got just the 4 Self-Motivating...

May 21, 2018

9 Food Swaps that Slash 100+ Calories

Losing fat isn’t easy…I don’t have to tell you that. You’ve been striving for a fat loss goal for longer than you’d like to admit. To work towards your goal, you slave in the gym and watch what goes in your mouth every day. 

But wh...

May 17, 2018

Refresh Your Workout (5 Ways to spring clean your exercise routine)

Has your exercise routine gotten stale?  

Boredom with your routine quickly leads to shorter and shorter workouts, and then before you know it you're skipping the gym altogether. 

While it's comm...

May 12, 2018

Life’s greatest gift

When you were born, you were given the greatest gift in the cosmos.  You were given a life of time.  Most people, however, don’t value their time. Perhaps this is because this great gift was given to us for free.
Think you are smart enough to...

May 2, 2018

Get The Most From Your Workout

This question might make you squirm, but I’m going to ask it anyway… 

How effective are your workouts? 

Do you regularly push yourself to the limit? Do you feel the burn with each rep? Do you have nothing left to give when it’s over? 


April 29, 2018

Are you eating the wrong foods? 

I see it happen all the results that are thrown away by eating the wrong foods. Don't let this be you. You workout hard, so keep your results by avoiding the following 7 foods: 

1) Don't Eat White Pasta
White pasta will...