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You can't transform your body over night....




Have you ever wondered what it is about losing weight that raises your spirits so much?


Why, after walking past a mirror or a reflective window at the mall you feel compelled to glance over at your new body, and feel a sense of pride?


Perhaps it’s because you enjoy feeling like your younger self again — when you are your most confident.


Or perhaps it’s because you enjoy knowing that you are doing something good for yourself and that you’ve accomplished something of real value and worth.


That’s what The TakeDown ChallengeTM is all about … getting you back to your best self.


Like we did for Michelle, who lost 21 pounds in only 28 days. Can you imagine how great she felt when she lost 73,500 calories stored as extra fat calories? And how she felt when she lost the extra weight during The TakeDown ChallengeTM and lost her muffin top with it?


You should enter it, too, because it is highly probable you’ll experience this kind of result yourself.


Reread that last sentence, and let the truth of it sink in.


There’s simply no reason why you can’t get this kind of result. Ultimately, all you have to lose is unwanted weight. And a few clothing sizes.

  We provide everything you need                 to succeed!!!!
  • 4 weekly menus of "family-friendly" recipes

  • Grocery list to make it easy

  • Nearly 60 recipes - all customized to portion size for you

  • Group cardio opportunities

  • Support, education, camaraderie, accountability, prizes and much more


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