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"Joining Gates Mills Fitness has been a life changing experience. I have struggled with my weight on and for years. But after having my fifth child, I was heavier than ever, lacked energy, and was concerned about the impact the weight might have on my health. For nine years I was stuck in a rut and didn't believe things would ever change...


Since joining I have lost 3 sizes. I am steadily building muscle, losing body fat, and have more energy. I enjoy exercise again and look forward to my workouts. The benefits have carried over and improved all areas of my life! I am healthier and happier, thanks to Gates Mills Fitness. I am a very satisfied client and will always be grateful to GMF for giving me hope that I could finally start to lose weight and improve my overall health." 


-Maria C.


"When I first talked to Joe Petrella regarding personal training he asked me to share my goals with him.  I told him that the exercising had to be fun and I wanted to be fit enough to forgo wearing spanx at my son's wedding the following summer.  Both of those goals have been achieved. Working out with Joe and Vince has improved my strength, stamina, energy and curves. I am a very happy client and recommend Gates Mills Fitness to all my friends and family."


-Nicole M.


"I found Gates Mills Fitness to be very approachable and down to earth.  Joe and his team work hard to keep me motivated, always varying workouts and encouraging an atmosphere of fun.  This is a small and independently owned studio - there are no mass marketing ploys or 'one size fits all' philosophy which many gyms have - only a good, solid program which will help you get fit and healthy."


- Deb F.


"Gates Mills Fitness is the best place to train and get in shape.  The place is affordable, clean, friendly, and has a great staff that knows their stuff.  They get you motivated, change the routine all the time (never the same thing twice) and make workouts challenging and fun.  They really motivated me to train.  I look forward to going as much as I can.  I can't say enough about the place.  I tell everyone it's the best place to get motivated and get in shape."


-Richard C.


“The Gates Mills Fitness team has been a fabulous addition to my goal in getting healthy.  Their support has been wonderful.  Each week there is a new workout that builds off the week before.  The camaraderie in our group workout is invigorating"


- Kelly S.


"Joining Gates Mills Fitness has been a transforming experience for me - just what I needed at this point in my life.  I had always been a relatively active person, managing to run and exercise regularly even while working full time.  Then I had children and things changed.  My kids were active in sports and I soon found myself spending more

time facilitating and watching their athletics than participating myself.  Slowly I
added pounds and lost flexibility and endurance.


I discovered Gates Mills Fitness and knew it was the right environment to help me reestablish a consistent workout routine.  The studio is private, but also promotes a warm sense of community.  The one-to-one attention from Joe and Vince is designed for each individual's needs and goals.  Amazingly, they can make ab-burning and weight-lifting repetitions fun and enjoyable. The proof of their positive impact has been in the results.  After working with them for less than a year, I was able to return to running and successfully complete a 10K.  Now I am back to being a participant, not just a spectator, in exercise."


-Kathy M.

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